Ceramic Garden Flower Pattern Water Fall Backflow Smoke Fountain Cone Holder (FREE 10 Incense Cone & Incense Sticks Pack )

Ceramic Garden Flower Pattern Water Fall Backflow Smoke Fountain Cone Holder (FREE 10 Incense Cone & Incense Sticks Pack )

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Key Feature :

  • Material : Made with high quality ceramic make it flowless backflow smoke fountain.
  • Package Contents : 1 x Ceramic Garden Style Backflow Smoke Fountain, 10 x Big Size Scented Backflow Incense Cones, 1 x Box of 15 Bamboo less Incense /Dhoop Sticks.
  • Uses : Place an incense cone at the top, the smoke starts to flow in reverse direction from top to bottom, Incense burner creates an divine illusion of a smoke waterfall.

Care Instruction :

  • Clean the incense burner body with dry/wet cloth to remove dirt.

Notes :

  • The waterfall incense holders are all hand crafted by skilled craftsmen in traditional style with fine hand art. They are so easy to clean after using.
Made In India
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Handmade By Jaipurcraft

Infuse your warm home with a trace of natural beauty with this master piece showcasing backflow waterfall Incense holder. Made with high quality ceramic make it flowless backflow smoke fountain. Fragrances have a special ability to change the mood within a moment. Memories linked up with fragrances recap the whole event even after decades. The hypnotizing effect of aromatic incense cones is famous among practitioners of meditation. The soothing effects of frankincense relax the mind, and the backflow of fumes through the burner provides comforting vision. It’s all a psychological calming effect of essential oils and satisfying visuals of flowing fumes.

Structure of Backflow Incense Burner:

The backflow incense burner work with a cone held in a tiny hole in the burner. This makes the heavy fumes of a burned cone made of frankincense and other essential oils flow down. It creates a beautiful visual, and you can easily make a slight variation in fumes falling pattern with minor alterations on the burner.

How to use Backflow Incense Burner:

  • kindle the cone’s tip with a lighter or electric lighter backflow and wait for 4-8 seconds.
  • After kindling the cone, now blow the flame and allow the fumes to release from the cone. Already you have a refreshing fragrance in the setting.
  • After extinguishing the flame, place the cone carefully at the backflow incense burner. It probably takes a minute or more to make a streamlined backflow on the burner. Make sure not to move the burner at this moment as it will waste the fumes.

Safety Tips for using backflow incense burner:

  • Ensure there are no kids around while liting the incense as it has a flame on it.
  • Keep the incense backflow burner out of the pets’ reach, as dogs and cats are odor sensitive and get irritated often.
At Jaipur Craft, we take great pride in high quality and craftsmanship of our products. We are team of innovators, designers and craftsman's. Designing to manufacturing is processed in our own unit by our specialized team. Jaipur Craft renowned for excellence in quality and best prices internationally. Backed by people with generation of experience in handicraft, We give full attention to design, materials and construction.

Natural variations in wood and finish are possible in individual pieces. These are not defects but intrinsic to handcrafted artifacts and actually enhance the uniqueness and beauty of the product. We carefully inspect your order prior to shipment; On receipt , please inspect your purchase and notify us of any damage.

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